Monday, August 15, 2011

Wow, There's More Video Mesum Student

INDRAMAYU: - For the umpteenth time, video nasty pejalar circulating from mobile to mobile phones. The scene is so nasty to attract attention, because the culprit was wearing a white uniform gray. From the display also obvious attributes like school uniform logo alma mater of a CMS in District Kertasemaya, Indramayu.

Crazy again, it's done persenggamaan scene in the open. In fact, the culprit is different. One file is named "Exemplary brgYg". From tanyangan video duration 28 seconds, it looks nasty scene location two student couples were allegedly in a garden owned by residents.

Video sex scenes with other actors of different duration of 49 seconds. Although different culprit, but the plot is almost the same. Beginning with the two actors who jumped into nasty, suddenly there was a camera recording the scene behind them. When the camera came closer, the perpetrator was shocked and tried to cover up their bodies and faces. Both couples caught.

Either of whom originate from the video. "I can video via bluetooth from the friend, and my friend said of her friend anymore," said Gajol (25) when talking.

Head UPTD Kertasemaya, Adung Suteja SH MPd admitted there shocked and concerned by the circulation of a video nasty that the perpetrators of school children. In fact he immediately find the video for menyeledikinya.

"We have no information that there is a video nasty culprit students, circulating in the community. And this information is the first information I received. Eventually we will clarify and seek the video to make sure, "he said. Even so, Adang said the circulation of a video nasty world of education is very embarrassing.

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