Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vincy Yeung's naked photos circulated online - Edison accused of drugging his female companions - Computer sent for servicing at 2 companies

Early this morning, the online circulation of nude photographs continued to escalate. In addition to those of suspected Cecilia Cheung and suspected Gillian, the naked photo of suspected Edison's girlfriend Vincy taking a shower was also uploaded by internet users and circulated online.

Three photos of suspected Vinchy taking a shower was circulated online. The photos shows the female looking straight at the camera and does not seem to suggest it was secretly taken.

Faced with the exposure of indecent photographs, the lead actor Edison Chen escaped to the United States. Edison Chen chose to be silent, since issuing a statement of apology on 4th of February, his personal blog has not been updated since. Edison's action did not change but the nude photographs circulated online continue to have changes with the latest being the widely spread rumours of one celebrity with the name containing the letter Q.

Web users are not forgiving to Edison Chen for keeping silent, many netizens are targeting him.

They feel that the faces of these suspected celebrities who were photographed were vaguely red, expression or emotion showing in one's eyes were scattered. Calling into question whether Edison had used drugs or alcohol on these suspected female celebrities to entice them into taking these photographs. It is learnt that the Hk police will also ask the relevant parties if they were voluntary.

Latest Update: Edison sent his personal computer for servicing at 2 companies not 1

According to Hong Kong media reports Edison Chen had previously sent his personal computer to two companies for servicing. Aside from those computer technician who are in reprimand by the police, there's also possibility of another group of people with access to these photographs. According to reports, those involved did not relate the circumstances surrounding the case to the police which made the police's job even harder in accessing the number of source involved.

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