Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Video Lucah so follow-up Artists ... Who's wrong now? (Video Inside)

Let Steering video clips, songs of Prema Yin namely Gambit Saifullah considers video clip lucah and outrageous berunsur not like where that question by sesetengah parties.

I agree with the fact that Gambit Saifullah who thinks the video clip is not berunsur lucah and outrageous .. kerana if we compare it with the Video Lucah which has been disseminated widely by pencacai-pencacai UMNO ..

Video Lucah which has been aired, was then loaded up into YouTube, promoted by TV3 and the Print Media UMNO and mounts are now also circulated throughout Malaysia is far more lucah kerana Video Lucah It was indeed ..

Whose fault is it now? If there are people who consider Lucah broadcast video is no longer a single mistake in Malaysia?

Gambit is there any need to blame? While he may regard the words of a Minister bahawa "Video Lucah which aired for goodness no one ..." is one word that seriously

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