Saturday, August 13, 2011

Victims of child abuse So Seven Years, Sragen: Victims call it Flower (7 years), is now Monday (4 / 10) he could only shut himself in his home region Tompe, Jirapan Village, District Masaran, Sragen, Central Java. Flowers no longer want to go out and play as usual due to trauma to the events of abuse had just happened 2 times.

He sexually abused a teenage neighbor who had the initials A, while in the local mosque. The case was revealed when the victim's mother, looking for flowers for Juminah told to eat. However, Flowers was not found in ordinary places he played. According to some friends, invited Flowers A to the local mosque.

Coming home from the mosque, the behavior changes and flowers look like depressed. Once asked, he admitted that he had sexually abused A twice. Parents of victims had reported the incident to the police station Sragen. But until now, the police can not investigate this case, because the victim can not divisum shock.

However, it denied the victims' families, because the post mortem was carried out in local hospitals. Even the implementation of the post mortem was accompanied by the police. The family demanded the police immediately investigate this case and punish the perpetrators. The perpetrator threatened the victim not to denounce this incident to anyone.

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