Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Utusan Makin Ghairah Tayang Gambar Artis "Pose Maut" .[The Star Online Makin Passionate Photos Artists "Death Pose"]

Press "spreader Mind People", Utusan Malaysia dated 07/26/2010 in the Mega Insert page 30 displays a visual artist Marsha AF3 Posing Londoh with a lustful clothes is sagging.

The fact is that anyone who sees not only the wide-open eyes, but sure bersyahwat or teenagers today the term "steam" good teenagers, widowers, husbands, students, and Pak Haji lebai pack. Most are not even going to invite different interpretations in the wild in their minds of the box. Perhaps only those who are bold faith will not easily offended they desire.

Regardless of the Malaysian society today is being fought competition against adultery among Malay youths to curb the widespread removal of children out of wedlock.

Should any photographs and graphic images which can be controlled and the desire arose banned from publication in the newspapers and TV. Prevention is better than treatment.

The Star should realize the "We Care" they proclaim in their newspapers. They should be concerned not to abet this campaign by displaying foil pictures indecent because it is contrary to their slogan of "spreading the People's Mind".

Such pictures should not be a real material to spread in the minds of the people.

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