Sunday, August 14, 2011

Understanding the Instinct Young People

Terawih night AFTER my eyes a little sacrifice for serving the three young people who ask to meet with me. A student at the Azhar University of Egypt and two more prospective teachers who are currently enrolled in a college in New York.

Meeting with their fun. I always welcome the young people of their right to exchange information and discuss contemporary issues. In addition to a new friend can know the heart and its political color of course young people contrasts sharply with the elderly. Can be fathomed what their instincts requirements. In my young children important printed with a strong vision and ideals of their country.

I like it when young people interested in politics. Because politics is an instrument or channel to form the nation's administrative system. So they have injected enthusiasm and corrected its future steps.

When contacting one of them I want to see me happy and give time for them. In the meantime I guess to some extent any questions from them. Perhaps the question of what they blur of something I recorded in my blog.

I feel proud of them. Rarely the courage to meet with me. Many I meet or get stopped in places where political gatherings or assembly, but not the opportunity to interact. Respectively when the back will be recorded in the comments or FB berharat tell them to talk to me but more embarrassment and a variety of reasons.

Precisely what I imagined the three young men last night asking for some explanation and also ask for a subjective answer. They want to fish my view to compare opinions and other findings. Some of them asked about the character and behavior of the MPs who defected. The first elected representatives are the people they admire.

They want to know what action the elected representatives as there are negotiations and compensation for what they do. I can not explain the excess of the elected representatives. I was very close and know, from outside and within himself. It appears that they can accept and begin to understand mengeninya.

When young people who used to be a fan of him but suddenly in the sliver of road making it a disappointing Onar. Behavior and attitudes of their elected representatives were to be disappointed, and consequently they do not easily believe in a representative of the people. In other words the behavior of elected representatives would be detrimental drop of indigo bucket of milk.

But I emphasize that not all such representatives. Only those who are struggling to fill the stomach and the cache it will deal with that. After this I said MPs would be so garbage will hayut without a destination. I do not think he will be given space by any party to contest.

In fact, behavior and attitude should be nurtured and so avoided by the person named politician. If a lot of behavior that eventually people will not believe anymore. I personally have lost faith in the political hypocrisy of people and being hypocritical. The result caused a political party itself will lose confidence and believing in general. Eventually due to the political players that are not yet accepted should be a platform that goal.

Other questions posed were simple child of any general election and the extent of PR opportunities. They seem so obsessed to see change in government in this country. For young people who have vision and can see their own shortcomings are anxious to feel the change.

I think what the turmoil in the souls of these three young people is also a wave or a ripple in a million hearts of other young people. This conclusion is no doubt the young will be the generator to change the country. The question is the extent to which young people complemented the knowledge and supplies in that direction?

Frankly I explain the opportunities in the elections to PR-13 depends on several factors. Major factor is the Malay voters. If the PR for about 40 percent of Malay votes PR opportunity to form a thin Malaysian government. PR needs at least 42 to 45 percent of Malay votes for the PR new hope to overthrow UBN.

Currently capable of Malay votes PR gained about 38 to 42 per cent only. This means that UBN is still dominated Malay votes between about 55 to 58 percent. This fact is acknowledged by the PR they have kemerostan to Malays in the last few elections between 3 to 5 percent. This position provides good conditions to the UBN to continue to rule, what if they won the non-Malay votes of not less than 25 percent.

I also commented on why the situation occurred. Antranya is because a number of issues successfully manipulated by the UBN. Malay issues played a bit of an impact. The Malays aged 60 and above (generation) long enticed with the issue causing them to evaluate the back to support PR. To date UBN has not managed to convince the old Malay and this otordoks.

Net assembly which was held recently not be a boon to tease their minds. Net claims championed by not reaching their minds rusty. At the same time the denial by the UBN on Net claims to be swallowed whole. Net assembly is only teasing of young and part of those who received information from sources other than radio, television and newspapers, government flunky tail.

The problem the media is still a major cause of why the information can not refute the propaganda UBN didibalsi well. These tactics and strategies that control and limit the mass media PR.

Other concerns raised in respect of young people in relation to the office of PM if the Alliance wins. They also follow the same seems to think who would menajdi PM if not Anwar Ibrahim. Actually this is not to think. Think about who would be PM if Pakatan won not things that can strengthen the spirit to fight to overthrow UBN.

Obviously I do not have to think about that. Anyone can be PM as long as the coalition has the power to appoint. I do not believe that coalition fighting from start to success (destiny) will argue the question of appointing a prime minister.

In my divination Anwar if not there are still some others who could take on that responsibility. Leaving aside the elements of a personal nature or if think professionally Lim Guan Eng were among men who could become PM. From the DAP, of Pass are people like Husam Musa have leadership qualities to become PM. Whereas in PKR Nurul Izzah is can be PM.

But these names are not for the moment, maybe after two or three terms, the new ruling People's Alliance office will be reciprocal to them.

In fact, many within two hours we discussed. It is insufficient. If I do not need a little rest last night may muqadimah the conversation will come to the dawn. Unfortunately I had to excuse myself for the next day berrehat because I will be leaving for overseas.

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