Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UMNO leaders in Capture 'Doggie' Wife People?

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Selinsing assemblyman assemblyman issues with Perupok not answered, this time in a number of pro-PR blog that there were cases where an individual ranks within the party is said to be arrested while shock 'doggie' wife.

These individuals were said to be ex officio as the UMNO General Puchong Perdana, and this message has spread since February 2 ago.

Whether or not the claims made by the individual named Alangazizsham the second question, what is important now is that the individual charged in this email shall show provides a description or make the denial immediately.

This is because such cases can affect the reputation and support UMNO and may be used as a 'point' to the opposition attacked the government in the upcoming general election.

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