Monday, August 15, 2011

Three boy So depraved behavior Merchants Victim Toys

Jombang - Youth named jar digelandang to Mapolres Jombang East Java. Unfortunately rainfall handed pitcher citizens Sumibota Jombang, for alleged violation of a primary school student in sumobito Madrasah. Depraved behavior of traders do not just think this is sexual abuse of boy elementary schools, two kindergarten boy was there to be sacrificial.

The policy makes the blue of the jar. Use complete the file was the case, the three victims asked for evidence of the policy unit at Women and Children Service (UPPA), Polres Jombang. More than that the policy also examine the psychological condition of victims after receiving inappropriate treatment of suspects.

According Kisom, one of the victims relatives, the boy is diiming-imingi some money so want to be invited to suspect, to an empty house that is located behind the school is deserted. In place of the victims dealt with the threat of inappropriate. Suspected act of terror known to people as victims and screaming help.

Policies are still doing research and a development of this case, use to investigate the possibility of other victims. On the deed, the suspects threatened the child protection laws with teeth in 12 captive prison.

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