Friday, August 26, 2011

Tammy NYP Scandal - How it all started

The Tammy sex video scandal was an incident in Singapore involving a sex video first circulated in mid-January 2006 that turned into an Internet phenomenon. The incident began when a student from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), known only as Tammy, apparently had her mobile phone stolen, and a 10-minute video of her having sex (which included intercourse as well as oral sex) with her boyfriend was uploaded on the internet.

The video, which was stored in the girl's mobile phone, was initially spread via instant messaging, email and blogs, but eventually made it to the front pages of national newspapers. Shortly after, the video gained international notoriety as many people curiously began searching for it online under the keyword Tammy Nyp, causing the scandal to make it to the first five places in Technorati's top search terms for almost two weeks.

The video was reportedly sold on DVDs in Penang, Malaysia. A domain on the scandal's top search term was also squatted, and other merchandise such as T-shirts was sold online.

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