Monday, August 15, 2011

Survivors of rape because of menstrual

KUALA LUMPUR: Since coming months, a woman early 30's survived the rape of a taxi driver in Jalan Raja Chulan, here, yesterday.

In the incident at about 5 pm, the taxi driver, his late 30's involved to stop his vehicle in the alley behind a building and tried to rape victims.

According to sources, the victim is not in doubt to the suspect as the suspect claimed to use a shortcut to send it to the house in Pandan Indah since then the main roads are too crowded.

"When the suspect stopped his vehicle, he turned to the back seat before the lure victims.

"The suspect claimed not to charge if the victim agreed to attend," he said.

Sources said the victims were surprised to cause the suspects to defend themselves more aggressively and try to remove the clothes.

"Men involved begins to lose appetite when he found the victim came months. However, growled to release the suspects violated the victim.

"After that, the suspect ordered the victim out of his vehicle and threatened the victim to keep the matter involved.

"The suspect left the victim's car speeding on the scene," he said.

Consequently, the victims appear to make a report at the Dang Wangi police station, here, for investigation and further action

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