Monday, August 15, 2011

Students are forbidden to wear SMKN1 HP

EAST ACEH: - The Lester-1 Peureulak, Aceh Timur, prohibiting the carrying and wearing siswanya cellular phone or Handphone (Hp) at school. This policy deliberately adopted so that students learn konsen the intensity of circulation thus preventing porn video among students.

"This policy is longstanding, but there are still only children who are still naughty and reckless to bring HP to school. That's why, at certain times, we accidentally slashed dramatically razia to the naughty students that come to light and we can build again until completely unconscious and compliant with the rules, "said Chief Lester 1 Peureulak, Zainal Abidin, tonight.

Zainal added, HP gained in razia automatically suspended pending the new hall and returned another teacher during class. Before HP restored, the school also called guardians concerned students and students must make the letter will not repeat a similar offense in future.

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