Monday, August 15, 2011

Splashy, Video Mesum Behind Stone Galunggung

TASIKMALAYSIA - A young couple record a sex relationships behind the scenes at the location of the stone baths are open. Now the video is circulating in the area of ​​the foot of Mount Galunggung, Tasikmalaya regency.

Herman Suherman (43), of Kampung Kubang Salawe, Desa Tawang Bull, District Sukaratu, Tasikmalaya District said, at present most people around the foot of Mount Galunggung quite upset by the circulation of videos teenage boys and girls who were like husband and wife jumped in the open them.

"I found this video of one of the residents, who say a nasty video that allegedly carried out in the sights Galunggung," said Herman.

He was interviewed by reporters, yesterday claimed to find the video of one of his friends, also a cleric, still in the foothills of Mount Galunggung.

"My friend was confused, and I close the with the leaders and members, and seems to occur in Galunggung," he said who is also coordinator of the Islamic Ummah Gathering Field Forum Galunggung or Dzulfaqor it.

While not yet able to confirm that the location of sex in the Galunggung, Herman said there are several traits that can become reference sites are located in the area Galunggung. As for these characteristics, ie boulders, pipes and hoses Saung. "Its location as in the waterfall Panoongan. Seen from the video recordings made nasty perpetrators," he said.

Until yesterday, the offender is a sex scene has not been identified. "Do not let the place be misused and we are very disappointed. Because it is so many stories and history," he said. The same thing was said Encep Lukmanul Judge, the defense Dzulfaqor.

The discovery of the video, he hopes that all the clergy and the community can unite to fight evil. "So do not be too imposing to the authorities or the government in completing it," he said when giving out information at the secretariat Dzulfaqor, Pondok Pesantren Nurul Huda, Kubang Hurang, Mekarjaya Village. Padakembang, Tasikmalaya regency.

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