Monday, August 15, 2011

Shaman setubuhi terencak girl sense to understand

JAKARTA - Desperate true shaman lewd act from this Blitar. He molested one of his patients are mentally retarded, call Irma (18). Deceptive acts committed Ugik Samudi (35) Doko District residents.

But the action perpetrated against the victim, the Village Popoh RT I RW Selopuro District VIII, ended this afternoon at 15.00 pm on Monday (04/07/2011). It was known as the girl's family has two entities and the 4-week-old unborn.

Cash saw the victim's family circumstances were very angry and chose to report it to the immoral actions of local police.

PPA Kanit Blitar district police Ipda Nurjani explained if the perpetrator is now secured after being reported to the Police Doko.

"Beginning when the victim since the year 2009 and then invited his family for treatment to the offender's house is known of the child entrusted to neighbors who have mental retardation having a mental disorder, aka," said Nurjani told reporters at his office.

Recognition of the police, the family received information from residents about when the offender great healer able to cure mental illness disorder. Up to make the victim's family finally left his daughter to be treated. But what the actors actually dare to invite the victim to serve his lust.

Brazen act was committed actors in the room with the victim to force entry. Perpetrators say if an intimate relationship like husband and wife were made as a condition to cure his mental illness.

Because the victim did not know, there was the action scenes intimate relationship like husband and wife. Incidence of rape was not done only once but repeatedly.

"From the description of the perpetrator says if it is a prerequisite for treatment," explained Nurjani.

While based on the recognition of the shaman when I discovered pregnant, she immediately took the victim to go home "I know if the victim was pregnant I immediately invited me to go home and let kekeluarganya if I will be responsible, but his family did not accept this and reported me," said actor quietly.

For the actions of the shaman is now threatened with punishment snared by Law No 23 of 2009, under penalty of 15 years in prison. "Surely the perpetrators must be held accountable, currently we ask for information to account for his actions," said Nurjani.

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