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Sexy transsexuals in Kuala Lumpur: Top spots to pick them up cheaply

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Transsexuals (aka Mak Nyah and pondan) in Malaysia are a sad lot in the country. They don’t enjoy the same glamorous treatment as their Miss Tiffany counterparts in Thailand, and most of them end up in the low-end sex industry. For a start, the official religious stand regarding a transsexual is: “Change of gender from man to woman or vice-versa through operation is forbidden in Islamic law. (source: Anyway, this article does not intend to discuss the implications of this fatwa (religious decree), but where to pick them up for your pleasures.

Many men seek out transsexuals for sex because they rank highly in certain aspects of their Key Performance Index (KPI). Insurance agent Freddy (not his real name), aged 34, says that transsexuals “give fantastic oral sex that are equivalent to the best seen in porn movies.” However, he adds that, compared to women, they are a notch lower when performing intercourse. A veteran at the pleasures of the shemale flesh, he says: “Their KPI for sexual intercourse is only 6/10; mostly, too loose and too shallow.”

Other customers are attracted to transsexuals by their massive, solid breasts, albeit fake. However, as the Chinese saying goes, they are “good to see, no good to eat.” Repulsiveness sinks in when you fondle the breasts, according to Freddy. “They’re hard like rubber without any bounce in them – very likely, cheap implants done in Bangkok.”

The third group of men seeking transsexuals are those who love to give anal sex, which is hard to get from female sex workers. Selvanaban (not his real name), a 60-year old, silver-haired pensioner, says: “It’s a tight squeeze when doing anal sex with a Mak Nyah, and that’s why I patronize them. Who else gives this kind of service at such a cheap price?”

Where to pick up transsexuals in Kuala Lumpur? The best spots are Lorong Haji Taib, Lorong Haji Taib 1, Lorong Haji Taib 2, Lorong Haji Taib 3, Lorong Haji Taib 4, and Jalan Sri Amar. Collectively, these roads-of-sin form a grid in an area called Haji Taib. The enclave is just 10 to 15 fifteen minutes’ walk from Plaza Hotel on Jalan Raja Laut and also De First Inn at the Jalan Raja Laut/Lorong Haji Taib junction. A handful of gaudy, cheap bars enhance the sleazy atmosphere here. Pub New Jingle Bell on Jalan Raja Laut/Jalan Sri Amar junction; Nan Sing Disco Lounge and Diamond Musical Hall, both on Lorong Haji Taib 1 are hotspots for transsexual GROs.

I call this area Hell Kitchen's of Kuala Lumpur. Be forewarned that this is a high-crime-rate area with conmen, drug pushers, pick-pockets, extortionists and peddlers of sex stimulants. In the evening, Jalan Haji Taib in the vicinity functions as a night market that is crawling with Indonesian illegals. So, there are lots to do and see.

Though the transsexuals start gathering as early as 8pm, it’s like a freak show after midnight, when they all turn out in full force. These shemales stand at the five-foot ways of the shophouses, while scores of men window-shop and ogle at them, haggling the price and services. Some of the transsexuals are like sex goddesses; a few, as ugly as toilet bowls; and among them, a few will attempt to fleece their clients. The common tactic among the tricksters is to offer a cheap price and impose other charges once the client is lured inside the flat.

Hussein, (not his real name), a 28-year college lecturer, thought he had clinched a best buy when a teenage transsexual with breasts almost bursting out of her top agreed to RM50. When he was in her room, she asked for payment. He handed over RM50, and was shocked when she made other demands: “You need to pay another RM30 for the room, RM10 for the condoms, RM10 for the tissue paper and RM5 for using my towels.” There were two other tough-looking transsexuals acting as bouncers in the flat, so it was akin to extortion.

Golden Rule Number One: if you ask how much and she offers an irresistible price, never accept in glee and follow her immediately up to her flat. Enquire further whether there are any other charges. Is the price inclusive of the room? Are condoms free? Are tissues free? Are towels supplied without charge? Is there a hot shower?

Another victim, factory HR manager, Ming Choon (not his real name), confesses: “This fair-skinned transsexual said she got a water bed in her room and promised me a 45 minute-session. When we went up [to her shophouse], I was shocked that her room had only a grubby mattress lying on the grey cement floor. When she stripped, I was horrified that she was a pre-op transsexual.” Golden Rule Number Two: always ask “Have you been for an operation?”

If you're after a quickie in this area, please have the phone number of the Chow Kit police beat station (located on Lorong Haji Taib 1) in your cellular phone (+603-26939022) in case you run into any trouble. Come...let's take a stroll tonight in Haji Taib, and I hope you find a jaw-dropping gorgeous transsexual!

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