Monday, August 15, 2011

Sex Video Actor Known Bogor

JAKARTA - Bogor Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Hery Santoso Police said it has bagged the characteristics and identity of the actor who is now circulating a video nasty Bogor. However police have not made arrests.

According Hery, is currently investigating the center complements the evidence by finding the location of manufacture of a video nasty. Police tracking the location of a sex party to a number of areas in Bogor regency. "The video was made about two weeks ago," said Hery Santoso, Sunday night July 3, 2011.

Is only one perpetrator was a student at a university in Bogor. When mentioned about it, Hery not confirmed nor denied. "There is still an investigation, but we are optimistic in the near future can reveal the perpetrators of the sex party video," he said.

As reported previously, the Bogor back digegerkan by the circulation of the sordid scene immortalized by cell phone. This time a video duration was 5 minutes 48 seconds contain the sex party scene made a man with three women whose age is estimated between 23-25 ​​years.

Alleged perpetrator deliberately make a video nasty and entitled "Child% 20 New Bogor" format 3gp. Obtained from the video nasty, clearly illustrated that allegedly performed a sex scene in a hotel located in the area of ​​Bogor Regency.

Circulation of a video nasty is not the first in Bogor. Previously, 26 April 2011, a video nasty couple new big boy (ABG) from Middle Village, Village Pabuaran, Kemang, Bogor Regency return and make a commotion spread Bogor residents.

The video was made for 3 minutes 35 seconds was spread in a number of residents around the mobile phone via Bluetooth. Nasty videotape entitled Kamtek Video files or Middle Village.

Starring a video nasty woman allegedly DS, 15, from Kampung Tengah, RT 3 / 5, Village Pabuaran, Kemang, Bogor regency. While men initials JF, 18, of Kampung Tua Pok, Village Pabuaran, Kemang, Bogor regency.

Then, December 22, 2010, video nasty case of Operations Manager with outstanding actor SH, 42, and BR, 28, Supervisor one karaoke place in one of the biggest mall in the city of Bogor.

SH is recorded as a citizen Katulampa Village, Bogor Timur District, while the BR is a citizen Kedung Badak, Bogor Utara, Bogor.

Furthermore, July 12, 2010, officers also managed to secure the DA and LF, two suspected perpetrators of a video nasty. Both couples are still ABG were herded into a police station after the video mesumnya 20-minute 9 seconds circulated widely and create commotion residents Rumpin, Bogor regency.

Video porno format 3gp 20-minute 9 seconds, entitled 'The Jack Ngesbray' was made about two months ago in a hotel in Serpong, Tangerang, Bogor residents could make a commotion and circulated on mobile phones and virtual worlds.

Finally, July 7, 2010, MA, 35, unscrupulous civil servants (PNS) are served in one of the agricultural research institute in Bogor arrested officers and the Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim) Police Bogor, since found to spread the video nasty with her lover.

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