Monday, August 15, 2011

Rape Perpetrators Victims Ask for Peace with Marry

TOMBATU - Cases of rape occurred in Southeast Minahasa. But the perpetrators of family, Usman Henur tried to terms with how to meet victims' families.

Family perpetrator attempts to seek peace by marrying the perpetrator and victim. Rose family, as the victim of sexual immorality through the father did not agree with the plan because of alleged immorality second marriage of more than one person.

"If you want to get married how it goes, while a two-person suspected of sexual immorality, Usman was done five times, the Udi once, but both had molested my child," the victim's father fiercely.

Efforts wedding party felt the perpetrator and victim families of the victims rather than as an exit option. "Essentially we will forward the complaint, the perpetrator must be a deterrent," he said.

Tombatu police chief told reporters that the case should be forwarded to the realm of obscenity laws.

"If I think a case like this, but forwarded only if the family did not want for fear of shame yes that's right his victims' families," explained Kapolsek Tombatu few moments ago.

Chairman of the Child Protection Flammable Komda Yull Takaliuang ensure the threat of punishment for obscenity cases under the age maximum 15 years in prison.

"Based on Law No. 23 of 2002, threats to rape the perpetrator is 15 years in prison," he told Tribune Manado (01/06/2011).

According Yull, this case must be supervised by various parties, because it involves the immoral acts and the protection of children. "Together with various parties, we will oversee the legal process for cases of reported sexual immorality," he said.

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