Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rape Chain Fear When Actors Meet

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, DENPASAR - Survivors of rape chain, call it Jasmine, looked frightened when confronted by the defendant Davis Muhammad Suharto at the Denpasar District Court on Tuesday. "Initially the victim slightly unstable conditions when presented in court," said Sada, from Child Protective Services Bali after attending a hearing in Denpasar District Court.

In a closed trial that lasted led by Chief Justice Amzer Simanjuntak, scheduled examination of witnesses who lived in Jalan Gunung Subur, West Denpasar. Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) Neutromi Lumisensi and IGNA Kusumayasa Diputra, presenting witnesses at the hearing that both parents also attended an elementary school student.

Seeing the frightened witnesses, both parents or legal assistant as he tried to reassure persuade Jasmine to be willing to tell the events they experienced it to the judges. In his statement, as delivered Sada, after the defendant picked up at school, witnesses are invited to a place while stating the parents Jasmine fishing.

The defendant also had invited the victim walk into a shopping mall while buying ice cream. "At that time the victim remained suspicious of the defendant," said Sada. Jasmine began to be suspicious of the man was popular in Bali greeted "The Scar-Face" that, after being taken to an empty house in the area of ​​Renon.

The victim had asked for the whereabouts of his parents, but the defendant started to show rudeness. "The defendant actually threatened the victim and her throat," he said.

Furthermore, Davis staged a profanity to the victim. Although the witness acknowledged sexual relations did not occur, but since that event, the little girl suffered severe trauma. "Even to meet other people, victims of terror to continue holding the skirt she was wearing," said Sada.

Heard the testimony of witnesses, Davis is in the trial is always wearing a skullcap and was accompanied by his lawyers, immediately justify it. The trial continues next week with the agenda the examination of other witnesses.

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