Friday, August 26, 2011

"Drag Queen" in Britain's Youngest

Redvers Stokes

Bored? DCM have strange stories of human behavior.

Boy 12 years in Britain has a strange hobby. He loves to play as a "drag queen" or queen bapok. More frightening to the child of the title of Carnival Queen Bapok. Hobbies certainly frightening many parents.

But parents Redvers Stoke, Matthew and Georgie thought otherwise, though a bit worried at first. For those Redvers behavior is a strange hobby. Both insist that a boy Redvers true and not berperwatakan as displaying the current action as the queen bapok.

How Redvers Bapok the title of Carnival Queen? It all started when he entered a bapok prestigious pageant in the city. In the competition, he beat three men was three times that of age. After the "success" is, Redvers now uses the name Naughty Nora when making presentations to council and programs.

Redvers Stokes along with his father and mother, Matthew and Georgie.

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