Monday, August 22, 2011

Pretty Gadis Melayu Dan Dia Keep bajunya On - Atie, Putrajaya

With the increase numbers of Malay girls (and grandma's) parading their sex life to the net,I want to start a new column on encouraging young Malay girls to keep their cloth on and never let any man take a dive on their sacred pool.

We have exhibit A,Atie from Putrajaya.I got this picture from a friend.It's so easy for horny man like me to get a pics of Malay girls to be used as a source of stimulation for personal ehem ehem.

She's kind of pretty and cute.Look at this below picture and tell me if this girl is not cute?

Please,dont let any man take a naked picture of you and spread it around like wasp searing the sky.

You are too pretty to let somebody to take any advantage of you.Wear more cloth and loose shirt.If it didnt bother,wear a long jacket.Dont lose the tudung.

If more girl going to let their body be viewed by perverted eyes,let us start somewhere.Dont lose your cloth.You are too pretty.Dont let your picture easily available in the internet.

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