Monday, August 22, 2011

Poly girl poses topless with BF and posts pictures on blog

STOMPers have expressed both surprise and embarrassment with the audacity of this girl who is posing with her chest exposed in a series of online pictures taken with her boyfriend. The girl is reportedly a local polytechnic student, and the pictures were apparently posted on her blog.

STOMPer Vanessa wrote in to say:

"At times I really wonder are we so open-minded or am I still living at stone-age, but reading this post online really surprised me.

"Apparently a local polytechnic girl posted photos with her boyfriend of which, some are naked.

"Why are they exposing themselves to the whole world?

"I seriously think that polytechnics and tertiary institutions should include moral education as one of their core subjects."

STOMPer Norman, who also came across the pictures, said:

"I have something to report: the pictures show a poly student exposing herself.

"I find the pictures a disgrace as she's a girl and this is spoiling the reputation of the school."

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