Friday, August 19, 2011

Pihak Nurul mohon maaf pasal Iklan Seksi...

The management of Nurul Wahab singer apologized on the issue of campaign ad broadcast Eid body management centers, Glamour Glow, which show the singer dressed exposed.

According to the manager, Badrul Hashim, Nurul who was ambassador-Glamour Glow not know about the ads include images shown by the manufacturer of the product.

"It was before Nurul have taken several pictures, including images used as advertising for the purposes of promoting the Day-Glamour Glow in the future.

"But do not know Nurul exposed pictures is a favorite to appear in the ad," he said when contacted mStar Online.

Add Badrul, he has already met with the Glow Glamour asking for the issue and the center of the body's management apologizes for any mistakes choosing photos that are not suitable for raya ad campaign.

"After discussions, they have apologized and did not know these things can be sensitive and inappropriate for Ramadan and Aidilfitri promotional purposes, and moreover there is the mosque on the display image ads Feast.

"Even the slimming center was to withdraw the ad and make the apology through their website and Facebook account," he said.

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