Friday, August 12, 2011

[PANAS ! Gambar Oral seks skandal pramugari - juruterbang Cathay Pacific ]HOT! Oral sex scandal pictures stewardess - Cathay Pacific pilots

HONG KONG: Cathay Pacific Airlines said yesterday that they run a "full investigation" on the spread of a number of photos allegedly showing a crew performs oral sex on the pilots in the air.

Cathay Pacific spokesman said that so far the airline of Hong Kong found that there is a possibility stewardess pictures are displayed in their cabin crew.

"The investigation is still ongoing and we have no further comments so far," he said.

The statement was made ​​after some local media to publish some of the pictures shows a woman dressed in red uniforms Cathay Pacific performs oral sex on a man.

The men were charged with pilots of the company, but through pictures, she appears to be wearing a pilot's uniform.

Cathay Pacific spokesman said there was no evidence the action takes place in-flight sex.

"We also found no reason to believe that the security aspects ignored at the time," he said.

In separate comments to the newspaper South China Morning Post, a spokeswoman for Cathay Pacific said, one of the pictures taken in space their aircraft cockpit.

"It was unclear whether it occurred when the aircraft in the air or not," he said. The report says, the picture is allegedly widespread in the Internet forum for pilots.

Sources said the individuals captured in action porn is actually lovers.

Apple Daily newspaper reported that the pilot was-a foreigner - filed a suit to the press claiming the photos were stolen from a computer peribadinya.Dia also claims to make a police report on the incident.

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