Monday, August 15, 2011

The murder of sister-in-law arrested

ALOR SETAR - trick a man it seems he and his wife rented a motel room in Jalan Suka Menanti, here, to avoid dicekup khalwat not be where she is actually a sister-in-law.

The 30-year-old man initially reasoned that they have a marriage certificate, but after an investigation into the 32-year-old woman finds them inconsistent statements and try to fool enforcement personnel.

In the raid at 4.45 pm on Tuesday, a team of enforcement Kedah Islamic Religious Department (Jaik) raided the premises after receiving the public information on vice activities that occur.

Men came from Myanmar and a Muslim is to make excuses to bring her to rent the room only to shower before going to visit his wife's new baby boy at Jitra Hospital (HJ).

Jaik Enforcement Officer, Naim Mohd Khairil Johari said the team members who arrived at the motel Jaik then make an examination and found a motel room on the ground floor was locked from inside.

He said, after knocking at the door and greeted a man who only bertuala opened the door about 10 minutes later and was surprised to see the presence of enforcement personnel outside the room rented.

"Further examination found a woman hiding in the room and hurriedly dressed in fear.

"The results of the interrogation, she claimed the men were brought to the motel to see his sister who was also the wife of the man who has just given birth, while the man gives the woman as his wife's reasons," he said.

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