Friday, August 26, 2011


Stories that can make you termuntah. Stories from Temasek.

A woman embodies a FB page called "Dangerous Maid" to give warnings to people crowded bahawa the salary is not always the prey flagellation, even employers are also sometimes "tortured" the salary, AsiaOne reports.

Creators of those pages, Hylda Low, who embodies the page on Tuesday saying "I mahu give warnings to people crowded domestic bahawa this (picture above) is very dangerous. We must not let these evil people use black magic to others, "Low wrote.

The 20-year-old student accused her maid, who came from West Java, has put her menstrual blood into the soup to be served to his family. Maid was also charged with secretly put menstrual blood in the tea bag.

According to Low, the family gets to know gross indecency and was beginning Ogos housekeepers and maids then it was three times that heinous acts.

Low's brother, who declined to name published, said her family bahawa hired a maid to keep her grandmother. The maid of the house was moved from home to work for the brother-in-law and Low families for five months before his actions exposed.

Everything is uncovered when his father found a piece of wet cotton Low cut from a pad the woman hidden in the kitchen when she was cleaning the floor in the region.

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