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» Malaysian-Tammy,-Another-Tammy-NYP-Video-Scandal-to-Spread

t it, we have 2 post about Tammy NYP Video, The Next Paris Hilton and What was Tammy Do on Her Video. For short description, she is a 17 annuals old Genting Highlands student from Nayang Polytechnic. She lost her phone,christian louboutin shoe, the person who got prop of the phone upload the videos to internet and presently it spread around the world and became the most renowned search for around 2 months on search engine. She presently detect herself stardom on the net as the fashionable porn queen.

And immediately from Malaysia, alike to Singapore’s very own elemental “Tammy NYP video”, I listened of “Malaysia Tammy”, as it tagged as “baby12″, “Malaysia Tammy” or “singapore ada, malaysia pun mau!” This “Malaysia Tammy” version also comprises of three videos of chinese couple with higher quality clips and maximum probable taken with one of the next generation compartment phones. This is one 6 minutes and 41 seconds .3gp video mow. (The Malaysian fellow ejaculated in like 20 weird seconds?)

n international porn star (will you pride of this?), Malaysians have judged to tread into the hippodrome also.

Sources from XLX said that, speculations on the forums revealed that the girl sent her hand phone to a fix shop and the videos were leaked this access. Forums users have likened the latest videos to the warmhearted circulated and proclaimed “Tammy NYP Scandal” videos because of the similarities in the course they were filmed. Advancements in cameraphones and better lighting, looks favor likely Smile' class='wp-smiley' />

Since the Malaysian Tammy video was looped on the net behind the girl sent her mobile call for repairs, I meditation it would be easier to pathway the malefactor who uploaded the video, occasion there tin be only one mart that the girl could have went to nail her call. Thing is, there is not newspaper almost everything being done to penalize the culprit, as of additionally. So that could just be a faux methodology.

It appears that teenagers and juvenile couples approximately the Asian district have by far to learn from the course that the Tammy NYP incident was assumed to deliver. And for the schools, what are they educating in schools today? Don’t they understand about condoms?

Girls are better bolder. In the quondam,christian louboutins uk, from what I discern from TV, human covered from brain to toes. If a male seen a woman body, the man must take responsible. But now, generation truly change. What will the hereafter become?

What’s in it for them whereas? Are they getting paid? We already know thatpornographic industry is a very profitable industry. Sad to mention, in our society, SEX sells!

I am sure that Tammy NYP and Baby12 are not the only pair in this earth who has a pornographic movie footage of themselves and reserving the video equitable for the sweet sexy memories. As they adore each other, make adore and remember it hehe… But if you are doing this just to obtain attention, entire the best to your pornographic career Smile' class='wp-smiley' />

Back to Tammy NYP,christian louboutin sale, final week I also found out the real ‘NYP Tammy’ private blog. Her real spelling is Tammi. She is a lusty and fine kind girl with a good life, before. But she’s brave enough to face the reality as life still goes on well for her, with tiny afflict form the neighbourhood.

Sorry, I wont disclose her blog url here, I don’t want anybody spam her and compel her to change her interlock (another?).

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