Tuesday, August 16, 2011


PKR SriPandi General is trying to m "glamer" right himself by collecting evidence that he would be raped.

For the GT, the "threat" is purely political politician, with the intention sarcastic:

"to my heart sangap perogol2 now .. please rape heroine geng2 PKR Posted isau k. ..... (Warning!! if you want to rape a shja .. make sure you work with what follows .... what? ?? if you are caught you will miss kna ... Posted xda 4orang punishment .. if you want to witness it xpa REC 2xleh jd .. ... don WORY witness rape ja ..... k. ... xda JNJ mslah .. dq .. Posted for a catch .. you kna kna 4saksi ... kalu da da video too ... xda use AWANG HADIAQ ....(( SAY GARLIC, ONIONS case xsah anuar .. sbb xda 4orang witnesses. ..)) pulok DAH>>> PR?? PARTY DAMAGED "- Rango crew

It is not difficult to anticipate the political game hardcore PKR sycophant. Like father like daughter, like leader like follower. And should point to Zuraidah Mak Attach the search for cheap publicity, which would be followed by his followers. In this case, that happens to Siti Aishah, the leader of PKR Sripandi!

And very funny, the PKR Sripandi at last week made ​​a statement that police rude, unethical and not professional in the story of the arrest "strumpet" foreigners.

And this time, he sought the police know when pulak want to feel safe. Better person ... better not to return, police rude and not professional! Whereas, he was actually being "used" Police in search of cheap publicity, whether standard strumpet! LOW CLASS!

Standard "Pandey kuttey"!

This is the people who are not appreciative, especially thanks to the police, who daily struggle of public safety. I follow the way of politics Place Without a leader, it finally stuck ketongongan.

To the right intention to rape Sripandi this PKR, Usha-ushalah people first. Attach camni Pesen2 Mak was you "steam" Posted to?

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