Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kantoi Sleep With Men Indon In Room. Bob Lokman Salahkan Who Win?

It seems shrill scream and howl Kharijis PAS imagine they will make more people believe and do right if they are empowered to administer and govern the extent only empty promises.

Obviously, what we see ... Islam and the Muslims to be more sprawl and unmanaged since they share some common administration Selangor DAP and PKR.

Horas! quoted what was reported by the Star article kantoi girls who sleep with mamat indon in his room.

Mother shocked to sleep with young girls

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug. 4 - A single mother was shocked to find a young man in the bedroom the girl is 14 years old when it comes to surprise him up pre-dawn meal, early yesterday morning.

32-year-old woman who worked as a cleaner was living with her three children including his eldest son at their home in Hulu Langat, near here.

Kajang police chief Assistant Commissioner Ab. Rashid Ab. Wahab said at 5 am yesterday, the woman into the bedroom to surprise his daughter to get up-dawn meal.

"She was surprised to see a young man sleeping with his son and when asked, the suspect claimed to be a boyfriend of the girl.

"The suspect is 21-year-old Indonesian citizen was also admitted to having sex with students form two," he said when contacted here today.

Ab. Rashid said the suspects are believed to work as a waiter entered the room the girl involved in other family members were asleep.

He said the suspect fell asleep exhausted, however, so it is not aware of her beloved mother entered the room to develop her pre-dawn meal.

He said the incident was later reported by the women involved to the police on the same day and the case was being investigated under Section 376 of the Penal Code in view of the child rape victim is under age.

He said the youths involved have been sent for examination at the hospital and the police had identified suspects.

Imagine if the incident took place in states governed by UMNO, PAS will definitely Kharijis screaming UMNO accused deliberately let the wrong things like that happen.

Will they ravaged the whole cymbal called as long as UMNO rule, as long as that evil will happen everywhere.

But when there dinegeri they have power, they will silence it. And if that happens it can be evil will try they hide in the mantle of loose-loose.

Do not forget, Bob Lokman had performed blame the government (UMNO), the children and herself away from religion. He did not want to blame her as she failed to educate his children. Leaders and saplings, saplings PAS also agree 100% with what he said.

So now, in the case of girls who take mamat indon sleep in his room, then we can blame it on the PAS. Tak gitu?

In this world, unlike talk about make, tell a lie and slander ... not have any political party could fight PAS.

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