Friday, August 12, 2011

HOT! What Wardina this article merepek church issue?

This is another one who did not understand the issues DUMC church and try to distort the truth. Let it go pi liberal talk Ostat Malaysiakini, Dr Asri aka Dr MAZA have a highly confusing statement at all, and contrary to the scholars and muftis.

Yes indeed we are concerned that the religious authority of the Muslims to go to church because if it was not strong faith and religious knowledge, but their minds are easily turned to lead to apostasy. But surprisingly, very Wardina awat dumb, which I liken this to the issue of apostasy DUMC prohibits non-Muslims entering the mosque.

Since any non-Muslims are prohibited to enter a mosque? At the National Mosque, every day there is tourists present but they wear cover and not allowed to enter the mosque's main prayer space, because in large faces. Like the DAP assemblyman in mosques and prayer tazkirah in space, it was sacrilegious but clearly trying mempolitikan mosques places of worship for Muslims.

So here, to Wardina, if you do not know what to try nobody here has spoken bercakap.Mufti Muslims must defend the faith not want to see Malays enjoy the church receive aid by the priests

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