Monday, August 15, 2011

HEBOH: Starring Kindergarten Teacher Video Hot

Ek (29), starring porn video, lying unconscious on the bench space PPA Unit Jombang district police on Friday (18 / 2).

Jombang: - - by profession a teacher should behave promiscuously, so exemplary. But who allegedly committed a pair of teachers, each Fa (43) and Ek (29), both citizens of the Village / District Ngoro, Jombang is truly reprehensible.

A pair of teachers who are not married is suspected of committing adultery and fornication. Even while having sex in a hotel, Fa allegedly recorded in handphone (HP) property.

Recording a pair of porn video teacher is also spreading in sequence from HP to HP. Police sniff out the circulation of a video nasty, and perform investigations.

The result, Fa Ngoro police arrested members on Thursday (17 / 2) night. Ek was secured. Fa civil servants everyday as a teacher in a studio learning activities in the District Gudo.

This studio is under the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) Gudo District Education Office. While Ek everyday teaching in kindergarten (TK) in a village in the district Ngoro.

In addition to securing the two, eight youths HP owners that contains the video nasty pair of teachers was also arrested. The eight young men suspected of being a hustler porn videos. The eight owners of HP's, Kasiyanto (30), Bichori (27), Kanto (25), Iwan (25), Priest (30), Hansom (30), Ghufron (27), and Ari (25) are all citizens Subdistrict Ngoro.

A pair of nasty teacher and owner of eight HP containing recorded video nasty, Friday (18 / 2) afternoon, immediately transferred to the Ministry of Women and Children Unit (PPA) Satreskrim Jombang Police. Ek was unconscious when taken from the police station to police station Ngoro.

Samudi Jombang Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner explained that the arrest of two video nasty offender based on information from the public. For the past week since this region Ngoro District circulating the video.

One of the residents know the actor's face the video and report to the Police Ngoro. Finally, officers conducting investigations. Thursday at around 20:00 pm, a pair of teachers who allegedly cast a porn video was captured.

In the presence of officers, Fa admitted that he and Ek are recorded in a video nasty. Fa accidentally recording with cell phones when they have sex in a hotel in Kertosono.

He said the recording was done about a year or two ago and she confessed to never pass it on. Therefore, the purpose of recording it to a private collection. Only he declared, his HP content porn video that was sold several months ago. "The distribution may have originated from the actors who forgot to delete the scenes video footage mesumnya, when selling his mobile phone," said Chief of Police Samudi.

Examination while the suspect Fa, although married, she acknowledges being a love affair with Eka who are still single. Initially, the relationship for granted, but since Fa been credited with finding a job as a kindergarten teacher Ek, ​​the two became very close.

For the offense, Fa threatened with Article 29 of Law 44/1998 on Pornography with a maximum penalty of 12 years in prison. In addition, if there are complaints from the wife of the Fa, will be used Article 284 of the Criminal Code concerning adultery.

As for Ek, ​​Samudi not been set as a suspect. Because, if it refers to the case of pornographic video artist Luna Maya and Ariel-Ariel-Cut Tari, until recently a trial of new Ariel. "We still melakukann deepening about it, and will make the case of Ariel as one of the references," explains Samudi.

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