Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HEAT popped! VIDEO WORKS GREAT IN ELI crotch .... ?

Woowwww! What else will emerge nih?

GT rumored to have a hot story that will make Khalid Stuttering in the ICU ward, said DET. Is Eli for the thing? What is another masterpiece to be exposed? Or pictures xxxnya? Joint whom? Or what it really is waiting to explode?

GAP said the wait for "bullet".

Anwar was suffering mental illness as a result of the attack that gains were fired because the Khalid Stuttering can breathe, relax, and relaxing. Tu who had driven the strategy plan of the Malays of Kg Sg Kerandang tuh ... cilaka you Khalid!

Fuhhh ... Bestnya can "balun" nih Khalid last longer because of the Eli ... hahahahahahahah ... Ye la .. Khalid was the most powerful right back up Eli ... Nothing to? hehehehe ..

This got storymori, GT followwwwwwww ....

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