Sunday, August 28, 2011

Giant frog captured in Malaysia

A bloke in Malaysia claims to have captured and eaten a gigantic frog which was as large as a young child.

The man, a Malaysian aborigine, allegedly spotted the gargantuan amphibian at a riverside in the mountainous Gemencheh region of Malaysia. A witness offered to buy the enormous frog, but couldn’t afford the £200 ($326) price tag the aborigine demanded.

The witness returned later that day with more money but discovered that the aboriginal fellow had slaughtered the massive croaker and eaten it! Which may have been a huge mistake as he’s been ill ever since. According to the witness after eating the huge frog the hunter has been laid up sick for days.

Before the frog was eaten the witness managed to take one photo using a mobile phone. He reports that the frog was weighed at 20kg, as much as a small child.

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