Monday, August 15, 2011

Depraved! Uncle Nephew Rape By Maternity

Pamekasan - Uncle that this one was damaged. Own niece was raped to give birth to a son. Woe, the babies are born 32 days, died because of malnutrition.

The lecherous Uncle berinisial F (43). F which no other suspects are brothers-in-law Samsul (48) is living a home page by offering Hatim (14) in Sana Daya Village, Sub PASEAN.

Evidence collected that a rape that occurred repeatedly. Carry out the action at the time suspected the family was working in the middle of the field.

At the time that's quiet atmosphere, the blue look is clean mushola sacrifice. The suspect then called and invited into his house. That moment on, victims and suspects membekap memperkosanya in chambers.

At raped, suspect held celurit. Sacrifice threatened with dihabisi if up to tell the rape to another person.

Feeling no resistance, carrying out the action moment suspect her quiet atmosphere. Depraved action to stop when the suspects saw the sacrifice changed growing belly. Gestational age at the time of sacrifice into the seventh month, the blue disappears and obscure from his home.

"At that, I report my child's case to the policy," said Samsul, my father met at the sacrifice of time Polres page Pamekasan, Tuesday (06/28/2011).

Unfortunately policies quickly lost. Suspect hurried blur and disappear until the sacrifice of giving birth. "Today, the suspect had returned and at home. I reported to police that arrest policy," ask Samsul.

Polres Kasatreskrim Pamekasan, Nuramin AKP, said that the ministry is still

study reports parental sacrifice. In this case, he would trap about 81 and 82 Years for Child Protection Law 23/2002, the threat of a prison sentence of 12 years.

"I still pursue the case. To be sure, we will terlapor investigator PPA Come forward," pungkas Nuramin.

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