Monday, August 15, 2011

Daughter, great-grandson of Suharto Sued 1 Year

MATARAM-Alignment Polsek Cakranegara, Mataram, had planned a run called the operation or use clean razia community disease (thick) by and during Ramadan. Nevertheless, the new Concentrated operations will be performed next July end.

AKP Cakranegara Kapolsek Fardi Irawan, this time his side are still concentration to melaksanaan Gatarin Compliant Operations. "It is planned that the operation performed a week before entering the dark month of fasting." Concentrated Operations are in schedule. But once we completed compliant operations,''he said.

Clarified, concentrated operations remain to be conducted and a routine every year ahead of Ramadan. Not only concentrate the target, but all actions interfere with the local community. Includes razia liquor''(miras) and other beverages that contain alcohol,''he said.

As Operation Concentrated in other areas, the target razia later is considered prone to the occurrence of a sacrilegious act as inns and cost-kosan suspected as mesum. ''We will comb all the places that no indication mesumnya,''he explained.

Concentrate operations and other disorders that disrupt kamtibmas fast. In addition, to combat social ills often Complaint citizens. ''We will regularly make razia during fasting take place,''he said.

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