Monday, August 15, 2011

Children reported being raped there must be money[Lapor anak diperkosa mesti ada uang ]

TOMBATU - Rose Family, korbaan alleged rape had to swallow disappointment. This is because the time to report the case of their daughter, the police asked for some money to the victims' families. The reason must have a lot of money if the case would be forwarded.

"We are victims of what it asked for money to make a report, because my wife who told police there say such a peaceful so it's better just said, I hope the request is not true because I just met the investigator actually provided support to continue the report," said the father rose told reporters on Tuesday (31 / 5).

Unprofessional actions of the police again when he experienced the BAP process, claiming the victim's father shouted at by a policeman on guard because it was giving information to reporters fornication.

"I shouted at by a policeman on guard he must not give information to journalists on the issue of this immorality," he complained.

He admitted also advised not to continue it obscenity cases with good reason the name of the child, but the father has another view.

"How can I not make a report, the incident had occurred, and if left to later actors more rampant," he said.

Rose admitted the victim's father is now no longer attend school because of fear that if given the incident.

"A rose while at home, no school, he was traumatized and embarrassed he said," he explained.

Kapolsek Tombatu Ipda Herman disadvantage to justify Tribun Manado incident. It's just that it was still receiving reports that the victims' families will not continue to report because of embarrassment.

When asked the amount of costs required to make reports, Ipda Herman admitted there was no cost at all.

"Not true if there is a cost report, just my opinion obscenity cases should be forwarded, both players are threats to each of the 5 years," he said.

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