Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cave Win Login engagement After Raya ..!!!!

Cave began minah ni captivated by acting in a series of Vs Gerungan-law, she is cun ni in the eyes of the cave laaaa .... lu point where I know the right ... hahaha ... other tastes of others ...

When I covered him nih ... I first saw cun pulak ... wallaweeiiii .... I remember that I propose in aaarrr .... quota of no more 3 nih .... amacam ... Last raya nih can coat projection for the number 2 ...

Awal2 another cave stewardess told you the original cave ...., ok fair and equitable, he takda the case if I want to install four at once, but on condition that if I did not do justice to all the stewardess ... C4 stewardess he would be number 2, 3 and 4 ... let justice remain on him alone tu jer ..., I understand ... headaches hahaha ...

Film actor 'I Still Virgin' famous sexy image for the first time this year welcomes Ramadan with a far different image.

He is also a popular TV actress Astro-law admitted VS Gerungan more comfortable with his new image without wearing hijab dress scantily.

But for Raja Farah, the greatest challenges for him after the Muslim dress is to keep his style of speech and association and limit control is compatible with his status is now called the man's wife.

Raja Farah, who looks sweet impose latest images also said that he still accepted the offer but limited acting because she wanted to focus on marriage.

Good King Farah will remain with the image of a Muslim woman and most importantly, let it in line with a clean heart and soul.

Besides Raja Farah, a number of artists who took home the same measures, including Farah AF2 and former lover of Irma Nabil Hasmie. - I quote from the Talk Online portal (this is a new portal to ....???)

Alamakkkk .... minah nih dah ..... so the wife of laaaaaa kensel last projection raya .... but if Judging by here like can jer .... amacam ... ? want to try kaaaa ...???

Whatever the prank condemned the various ..., I wish I Raja Farah migrants may it be permanent and should always be in the Grace of God.

Congratulations beb .... If the neck can cause the closing aaarrrr .... completely shut ... do not close sikit2 ijat like kak ... or not close at all kinds of ulul amri umPORno wife .... hahahaha .... mengerbang hair like Langsuir overeat .... hahaha ....

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