Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Best Bidder Sex Wife For Husband Overcome Pressure | I Agree

Very interesting article from The Star titled: Sex the best cure for his wife handled the pressure. As a husband, I agreed, and in this way, too, is one of the best ways to persuade the wife , but it feels good information to spouses and couples who get married)

NEW DELHI, Sept 20. - Sexual activity is the best remedy to overcome depression among spouses, said a member of India's terkenal.Dr Sexology. Narayana Reddy said, the slogan "sexual healing" among members of Sexology is becoming more popular among married couples to seek professional help to overcome stress and enhance their sexual relationship.

He said the frequency of sexual activity is considered the best medicine for curing various ailments from heart disorders, arthritis to depression, unusual, as the whole body will be re-energized after intercourse.

Frequency of sex according to him, was three times in 10 days or three times a month had he reminded activities mencukupi.Tetapi husband-wife relationship should be free from any pressure.

"Sex is good. But it must be a healthy sexual relationship, it should be free from guilt. Not sex outside marriage or visit commercial sex workers," he said.

Each sex burns 200 calories, equivalent to 15 minutes using a half-hour workout or a walk in the park. This helps to release endocrine makes us feel happy, "he said. Narayana based in Chennai. - Bernama "

P / s: So, do not worry-runsingkan themselves. Remedy is already in sight. Why to bother his head with the club's Wife The love / nightclub, melilau irregular way when there is a problem / depression right? Pat the chest, to ask themselves. Give and take is the best. Used as a pair of life there must be the wisdom behind you?

P / s / s: Look brother JE Hey, even I have five children, when found to be a smile to both husband and wife's cheek, what's the secret bro? Hik3 ... do not install the intention of the 6 to bro?

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