Monday, August 15, 2011

Because of Facebook: ABG sexually abused her lover

PALEMBANG, - RD (14), a private junior high school student in Palembang, South Sumatra, known raped her new friend on Facebook, or commonly abbreviated as FB. Tio suspect Galinugraha (19), student of a private university in Palembang, while at a hotel in the area Lemabang.

Tio member of the Criminal Police arrested following a report Kalidoni Palembang victim's parents. Palembang police chief Sr. Comr Cahyo Budi Siswanto, through the PPA Kalidoni Kapolsek Asmaja accompanied Kanit Criminal Aiptu Sungkono, confirmed the arrests.

Explained, members received a report from the parent RD, Sunday (01/23/2011) at around 12.00. RD's parents admitted her son had taken away someone when they are not at home.

Informed, police discovered the existence of RD in a friend's house in the area Lemabang.

After questioning, RD have been raped by Tio, his new friend. Tio direct police to the house in the area of ​​Jalan Lorong Sukarejo Kuner, Village 8 Ilir, Palembang District II IT.

So that perpetrators do not escape, the officer then lure him out first. They use the RD-owned cell phone and asked to meet. Not aware of having been framed, Tio was arrested and taken to Mapolsek Kalidoni Palembang for questioning.

"From the interrogation, Tio admitted that he had sexual intercourse with the RD twice," said PPA Asmaja.

Meanwhile, Tio denied the rape. According to him, it was done on the basis of the same likes. He and new RD familiar one month from the social networking site Facebook. Initially he found accounts of RD, then invited him to become his friend on Facebook. These students also responded and agreed to create friendships.

Introductions were then continues. They both often chat with each other and pour the contents of the day (vent). Until the introduction in cyberspace has run into the real world. He remembered, he had met three times RD.

"He is often the story is often scolded by his parents. Moreover, he was only an adopted child to be ignored anymore," said Tio.

Then, Sunday morning last, he received an SMS from RD, who invites met. Tio also welcomed the invitation and immediately pick him up. Both then went to Jalan POM IX and watch the basketball finals at the GOR Indoor Lumban Tirta Palembang.

After that request was accompanied RD buy books at PTC. Since the evening came, he then took home RD. However, when arriving at the gate of his house, RD even refused to go home, citing fears of being scolded her parents.

RD then get delivered to his grandmother's house, but when it arrived at the door even reluctant to enter. "He even asked me how much money there. He actually asked for was taken to the hotel. Because it was night, I went along," said Tio.

Tio RD then invited to the Peacock Hotel in Jalan Dr M Isa Palembang. In room number 6, they then have intercourse. However, he said, there is no compulsion at all, and done on the consensual.

After that he left the RD in the hotel room and went home. The next day, before delivering RD go home, they again had sex in a hotel room.

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