Friday, August 12, 2011

As a result of naked bath in Future Wife The River, The Man Murdered Cruel

Because bath bogel reprimanded in front of a friend's wife. Samsuri (28), resident Minato Jayo, Kecamatan Ilir Pelepat desperate to kill himself by stabbing his friend, Rudi (27) suffered severe puncture diperutnya six. Despite being stabbed several times, still able to hit back Rudi rakannya until kedunya suffered serious injuries.

Shortly after the incident, both were forced dikejarkan to the hospital to get treatment due to stabbing stabbing each other with sharp weapons. And even this KES has been reported to the Police office Bunge. The incident began when his wife prey (Rudi) was bathing in Sungai Batang Pelapat.

Then comes the actors who would also like to bathe. However, in the bath, naked actors in front of the victim's wife. Seeing this incident, the victim's wife reported her husband who had just got home from work. During this time, the victim and his wife worked at a rubber plantation owned by a citizen.

Arriving at the site, then admonish Samsuri Rudi, that what the perpetrator is not a good thing. It was Samsuri had apologized for his behavior, and even had time to open both together. "But on the last night, around 23:00 he (Samsuri) along with some of his friends came to my house. Didobraknya door and direct stab me, "Rudi said when met at the hospital, Friday (08/12/2011).

After being stabbed several times, Rudi claimed he could fight and took the knife that was nearby. The knife he said, directly inserted into the chest rakannya. "I had as much fight and stabbed him once," he said.

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