Saturday, August 13, 2011

Artists who Cabuli Fans - Arrested at Airport

Artist's initials Rb'm asleep first at Police Barelang, Batam on Sunday (28/11/2010) morning before further review. He was arrested for allegedly abusing fans.

BATAM, - Police arrested Rb artist, as he was about to leave Batam Hang Nadim Airport, Batam on Sunday (28/11/2010) morning. During that time, was herded into Mapolresta pesinetron Barelang for investigation.

The actor was not immediately willing to be examined because they want to rest and sleep in one room in Mapolresta. However, he has not confessed all his actions.

Sitcom actress "Inayah, Muslim and neighbor" is not able to move slightly when all the deeds recognized by the OS, the victim. Fans who are still in junior high school in Batam that reveal a chronology of meetings to get a room at Hotel Amir Harbourbay Batam.

Rb was arrested because he was accused of sexual abuse while staying at Amir Hotel Batam room 622. He complained of by parents who do not receive child SO invited to share a room by Rb on Saturday (27/11/2010) morning.

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