Friday, August 19, 2011

artis, Aurat, pictures..Remember the Heat This Picture? The Owner Agency vomit Heart Pain

DCM no articles relating to broadcast pictures of this hot artist baharu here. Posts were still more popular in carta Popular Posts DCM. In the article, I am not "membelasah" the artist directly, I just expressed surprise at the action of lust. Of course also a matter of posts that generate a reasonable instruction and lessons taken by the ubiquitous party in order to keep the nakedness and maruah themselves, not melondehkan everything for the sake of the Name and WANG!

Apparently many jurublog who "advised" the artist with a variety of ways and verse. Criticism / advice was answered by the performer on his blog (refer skrin picture above). I read an article / discharge the artist's heart. The tone, the tone of people who pressured. However unfortunate, short verses are arranged like the poem was not read "conviction" despite repeated calls "... I was wrong". Poor! In a sense his vomit, he also had time to satirize people who advise him. Poor!

In the space of the neck of his blog that there is an application that displays the artist's drawings. There are images that cover the nakedness and pictures that do not cover nakedness. Cuba saw a picture in the picture above skrin, black hooded, looks sweet, Cuba also see action is being acted on passion ... fantastic!

P / s: May be given guidance!

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