Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'VE NEVER ACTUALLY BEEN TO A MALAYSIAN NIGHTCLUB, ALTHOUGH I PARTIED PRETTY HARD A WHILE AGO OVER THE STRAITS IN MEDAN, SUMATRA. I had a girl all over me pretty much ever time I went out there, and an icy drink in my hand, melting relentlessly. So, I am no expert on the Malaysian clubbing scene by any stretch of the imagination, although I know a little of the Indo scene. To read the exploits of someone who has actually been there and done that in peninsula Malaysia, check out Malaysian Cassanova. Cassanova says: "For Indian And Punjabi chicks, go to Rupee Room, It hot and happening during ladies nite and also on Saturdays, lotsa hot punjabi college girls with hot assets are there, so make ur moves like doin the bhangra regardless of what race you are, just put your hand up n move, and be confidence and be in style. When your making your moves, just watch out for protective boyren's or guys that are always looking for a fight, and select your target wisely. Also nearby there a indian club called Chakravarthy i tink... it's packed with machas on sat and normally on the weekdays you can chill with not much crowd, they have live bands and stuff."

Picture courtesy Malaysian Cassanova

Some other clubs and places you can meet people at in Kuala Lumpur:

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