Saturday, August 13, 2011

Allegedly jumped into Mesum, Judge Examined

Similar intimate photos AI Judge

Address - District Court judge Bangka check out one of the initials AI. Examination was related to the circulation picture of a man whose face was similar to AI and scenes of indecent conduct.

Public Relations Court Bangka Heneng Punjadi said, AI judge will be asked for information by the PN's internal team of Bangka. "If the man in the photograph is the AI, then there will be sanctions. Examination results will be submitted to the supervisor who will also be decided for the relevant sanctions, he said in Bangka," Friday (7/22/2011).

There are three photographs that shook the Pacific and outstanding citizens in the Facebook social networking with the account name IS. In the three photos, the man whose face was similar to the AI ​​judges perform indecent scenes with women who know not his wife.

Some employees in the District Court stated Bangka not know who the woman in the photograph. "I've seen that picture. However, we still have to wait for the results of an already established team," said Heneng.

While the AI judges do not look at the PN Bangka. Cell phone is off. According Heneng, the judge was not on duty. "We're also still waiting to enter the office concerned," said Heneng.

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