Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why is Domestic It's VERY Important In Saiful sodomy Kes ...?

As long movement in the struggle for reform, eloklah we pray that Anwar's apparently got the best chance to declare the TRUTH in KES sodomy which will take place throughout the month of Ramadan beginning this. Maybe this is the greatest wisdom ramadhan for Anwar so that he and his family could bring valid evidence and bright bahawa nothing prevailing between Mr. Sheikh and Saiful on that evening.

If that's what Anwar can do, as our people got accepted with an open heart. Samalah also with Anwar; if kesnya conserved and recognized by the court - then jawapan Redha is the best.

Anwar should blame themselves to justify a teaser like Saiful was in the officials and sekitarannya. As drop-outs than Universiti; Saiful still have high ideals. Being around Anwar is the one case she was most needed at the time.

Not about salary. Not about elaun. Everything is indeed small. But pay and that other aid schemes capable of causing Saiful happy life. Is the elaun RM1, 000 given by Acting USD enough for Saiful live his life? Saiful month expenses menjangkaui our other features much larger numbers. Anwar aware and know the weaknesses bahawa Saiful is wang ringgit. Indeed, if there is good space for Anwar to give 'keselesaan' to Saiful - It was not wrong.

Day after day during this Ramadan, Anwar's house in Segambut always and fully attended by the chaplain, ust, pengamal inner maintainability, school children to pray that Anwar's cottage will be given guidance to berdepan with kesnya. We also expect the same thing. As someone who had been with Anwar in the reform - we both pray that this is going to prevail.Anwar is trying hard to track En Hanafiah; even 2 THE HELPER HOUSE INDONESIA in apartment / condo regard is also being sought by Anwar. Carpal quite angry when TWO Maid name is not called directly. Carpal mahu both also appear in court. This is clearly stated in the KES pembentangan recently: -

We can not object to the [] of the evidence relating to the Prime Minister, it Could be beyond That. My learned friend can not impose us as to the evidence-the which We want to elicit from the Witnesses. We have again and again indicated in the second application That We need the two maids of En. Hasanuddin, the two Indonesian maids. They have not been indicated anywhere here my Lord That They Do not wish to be interviewed. Why Are They not being made ​​available? They are material Witnesses.

We hope that through programs that are underway 6P; two people can dikesan Maid and brought to court. Only Anwar content. Although the maid's NOT hot karipap people who bought that evening; is the Right Maid Anwar order can be sought immediately.

Same-samalah we pray that the TRUTH will be proved - and what the crisis will be resolved as quickly as possible. In sesiapa who knows ... looking for two people help PDRM this maid. Do not worry, do not interfere with any KES. * All of gambar2pun just decoration ...

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