Monday, August 15, 2011

There Genie In Body Abg, Issued By Gender Shaman

BEKASI - There beremayam genie in the body of two Sexy girl. To remove them, by a witchdoctor told them in a room. Inside the room, the genie is issued by the shaman sexual intercourse.

Not only that, the shaman is also able to restore the virginity of the girl Sexy. So the two girls alternately ABG was consummated in the practice of the shaman in a shophouses, Mustika Jaya, Bantar Gebang, Bekasi, West Java.

Suspect Sugeng Prayitno Dimas aka Alias ​​Single Kelana, 31, was arrested membuntutinya families of the victims of the current Terminal Bekasi with his wife to escape to his village. Now the blue filamentous Sugeng Prayitno intensive inspection Bekasi City. Offering clothing items seized evidence.

Bekasi City Kompol filamentous Kasatreskrim Dedy Murti Kanit Monday afternoon accompanied Haryadi (09/05/2011), said that the suspects Sugeng open practice of traditional medicine that can cure the disease beberbagai. Also, can expel the jinn who dwells in the human body and can also restore the virginity of a girl.

Two girls Sexy KR and PR, 16, interested in berobat. KR is because their parents could berobat there. First berobat KR and PR in the form of traditional massage. But for the third time on the pretext of the witchdoctor appeal in the sacrifice of the body are tiny creatures that should be removed.

The shaman asked KR in a room first. The shaman then copulate with the pretense of producing Sexy genie dwells in the body. After the rotation is consummated RR

Both her friends when they were junior high school dibangku then tells the bitter experience for parents. KR parents and report the shaman to Mapolresta Bekasi City. KR parents even do not fully deliver on the policy question. But orangua KR contributing to police duties.

KR parents quietly eyeing the shaman gestures are obscene. When Sugeng Prayitno with his wife at the Terminal Bekasi, KR parents caught her and told staff filamentous Bekasi City. Single aka Suspect sugeng this Kelana digelandang to Mapolresta Bekasi city.

"The suspect snared about 81 and 82 child protection laws with the threat of 15 years and 3 years in prison. Each child must be protected from the parents of the economic and commercial sexual act, "said Kompol Dedy.

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