Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taylor Swift Talks About Her Infamous Wardrobe Malfunction For The First Time!

Taylor Swift explains the windy situation that resulted in her flashing her fans!

Everyone was shocked when the conservative country crooner gave the audience at her Saint Louis concert quite the peep show! Taylor Swift talked to Ryan Seacrest Aug. 23 and explained what went wrong that caused her dress to reveal more than she anticipated.

“We have wind machines for a few songs in the show and they weren’t supposed to be on during that song. I walked over thinking it wasn’t on and it just kind of blew it up a little bit,” said Taylor on On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

While all wardrobe malfunctions tend to be a little embarrassing, Taylor handled it with dignity and grace. Besides, the girl barely showed more skin than an average Miley Cyrus costume! Instead of being frustrated by the mistake that caused her indecent exposure, Taylor just soldiered on through her set and didn’t let it effect her performance.

“I was just sort of like, ‘Well, that’s new’ and just continued on with the show,” Taylor explained.

We’re glad that America’s sweetheart isn’t too rattled by her rebellious wardrobe! Tell us what you thought of her response to the embarrassing ordeal! Do YOU think she handled it well?

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