Saturday, August 27, 2011

Muslim Women Christian Apostasy Sign Dibogel and was beaten by the Public!

news sources from christianpost

New Delhi: About 50 Muslims rampage in a church requires a woman, Aunt Selina to repent and get all into Islam. They mengugut to burn the church if waniat was reluctant to embrace repentance.

Before that Aunt Selina has dibogelkan by 2 Muslim women who came with a bunch of people crowded into his house to see the sign he had become Christian. They believe an apostate Muslim who became Christian there would be marks on his body.

India is not an Islamic country but its people will soon wake up if there is a Muslim apostate. Unlike for our country is now charged as an Islamic country but if penguatkuasa religion that exists allotment laws prevent apostasy in the church makes a boisterous one country. That's new for the examination and not rush rude or uncivilized.

We just take the issue of apostasy as a capital to seek the kingdom or who is wrong samada dissidents while this issue is not a problem samada dissidents or kingdom is at fault. He is the whole issue of Muslims in our country who need to find a settlement, and fill all the weaknesses that exist. We do not know just pointing fingers to each other when issues relating to the enactment of this apostate!

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