Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Immoral to be in Kulim ..

What kid so with slaves in Kulim ni?

Kulim? Kulum Zul ni tu area right? What does he make? from busy boy became a witness KES behind DSAI better he preached Kulim slaves ni kat ..

Kulim - the social problem of teen getting sweat every day.

Prior to this, Sinar Harian never dismantle aktiviti sniffing among students gam in men and women around the area in Taman Cendana Chinese tomb so that it gets the attention of the authorities Tempatan (PBT). Figure fail.

Last night, Daily Rays make monitoring around the area at about 1 am and met with the region believed to be used tersorok teens to have sex.

From the review is made to find, lots of pants in women banished and coli in the region.

What is more disgusting if it had used condoms scattered in the region.

Kulim Kedah Regional Religious officials, Radzi Sheikh Abdul Muttalib said, parents should be accountable if their child is in the circle involved in the problem is like this.

"Mother father too many luxuries bestowed on their children. In addition, children are also given a sophisticated telephone bimbit where they may load down the various action lucah in it, "he said.

Of the catch was made by Acting Regional Kulim Kedah Islamic Religious (PADK) to couples who do immoral selalunya are students.

He does not deny a student of men and women today are more likely to link up the love of studying the lesson.

Typical employee to the Expert Council of State Invite (ADUN) Lunas, Elyas Saad said, for students Levels Five and Three in particular, they should repeat the review lessons Lessons Sijil peperiksaan kerana Malaysia (SPM) and Lower Secondary Assessment (PMR) is getting close.

"Recently, two policy reports are made when two female students who are still demanding dirogol by their male friends. From the notice I received, both the prey are often seen action in a telephone lucah bimbit. This stimulates them to perform immoral treatment.

"I ask PBT discordant treatment monitoring conducted by high school students who often roam the fair with their male friends," he said.

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