Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hey I got nude pics

I've seen places, I've seen faces, but when I see websites or blog or any photo gallery that host/holds nude pics of mizo (or mizo related). I felt something inside which I couldn't spake. Why would a mizo want to do such thing to his fellow mizos? Why would he want to humiliate the whole mizo community?

Many 'nude' mizo pics are just a fake, they are being manipulated or enhanced by any Photoshop (etc etc...) users. I've been collecting pics and videos of what people said to be mizo porn videos/nude pics. The main reason why I collected these videos are that I want to proof it whether its a fake or not.

I found out that many mizo porn videos were Malaysian or Thai girls whose faces are quite similar to Mizo girls. But, some videos seems to be real as in one video which I got a screenshot from it. If you're a mizo, you will probably notice this Mizoram Taxi, which proves it a real mizo 'porn (?)' video.

There is this one video that many people talked about. "This girl is the daughter of a Pastor", "She's from Electric Veng", blah blah blah... When I looked the video Kylie Minogue's "Can't get you out of my head" was played in the background and since the girl did not speak a word I thought it was real. Later, I came to a blog where I see a very similar video (read same), and I came to know that the girl was from Malaysia and her name is Karen. Bah! the whole story was a fake.

And this video, was a voice-included. Yes, the voice was of a mizo boy asking or flattering the girl to show-off her naked body. Praises her and call her in the sweetest way possible. In the last scene we saw a local artist Henry Thanzauva, who is supposed to be the boy in the video. But, if you look at the video carefully, you can see the changes in lighting and environment. And later, I came to know that this was also a fake, the voice which we heard in the video was dubbed by some idiot. In the original video, we can hear another language, which I couldn't figure out what it is. Some said its Naga... whatever.

Coming to still images, there are many many nude pics of mizo girls, fake and real. Some are photoshoped, some hide their faces (which means fake) and some are real. I dont have much to say about the real or untouched nude pics, but am speaking of the manipulated pics. Some useless PS lovers edited them, their skills are so perfect that people think they're real. Please ppl, do look into any said-to-be nude pics of mizo girls carefully. You can see many impossibilities in fake pictures.

I want to show an example. It is the picture of one of the participants from Mizoram Supermodel 2006. One of my net friend told me, she has a nude pic of Nunu-i, "Its real and I can't believe, I bet you can't take off your eyes when seeing it" she said. I told her to show me, and she send it to me. Heres the picture :

Yeah, this is so real. Couldn't have done it better if I were to. But, when I saw the picture I have 3 clear points to say the above picture is a fake. Then, I told my net friend that this is just a fake. After sometime, she said, "Yeah... your right, this is fake." The 3 points are.

1. I've already seen the original picture somewhere, where Nunui was wearing a black top and blue jeans. I couldn't get the exact picture but I'm sure I've seen it and the following picture is taken on the same day as the pic above.

2. Below you can see the picture where I marked No. 1. Yeah... this logo (?) was there in the pic, which clearly says that this was done by some graphic freaks. Why can't people see it? Look and you will see.

3. Third, I marked No. 2, in which the shadow and the body of the image doesn't match. The body is curved inside, which the shadow is also supposed to me, but not. The shadow doesn't have a curve which proves its a fake.

Ok. There are many real pictures and we often heard girls suing boys (who is responsible for the leak-out of the girl's nude pics). If you want any nude mizo pics, you can ask your friend for it, I don't care what is the source. Some are copied by bluetooth devices, some by disk drives, some by emails. I've never seen any websites or blog that host these nude pics until I came over a flickr account called mizoleak.

There were 5 pages of nude mizo girls (or whatever) which c up to more than 50 pictures. There were 3 groups of pictures here - fake, real and photoshoped. Fake here means girls from other community, not mizo. Real are mizo nude pics and photoshoped, needless to explain.

I came to think of it, does flickr allows users to upload nude pictures?? I wasn't confident about it, I read their Terms of use carefully again. Of course, they don't allow nudity content pics and I clicked on the report abuse button right away. I asked my friends to do the same, and some did. Days turns into weeks and still nothing happened. The gallery was still there. I couldn't think of any other idea so I just sit and wait until today when I happened to visit the link again, I was very happy to see this.

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